Butterfly Amicus Robot

The new Butterfly AMICUS table tennis robot – 

An important aspect of perfect training conditions


The new AMICUS table tennis robot from Butterfly – is available in 3 models: BASIC, ADVANCE and PROFESSIONAL

AMICUS Robots are designed for a realistic gaming and training experience with high-technology and extensive functionality.
Depending on specific demands, all models are suited to players - from amateur to professional. According to the former German national coach, Richard Prause, robot training can be a useful addition to every-day training to players who want to learn faster.

„Working with a robot can be a means of achieving greater success for many players. The increased amount of ball contacts and exercises leas to a greater level of precision, footwork and technique." (Richard Prause, former German National Coach)


All AMICUS table tennis robots are easy to transport, quick to assemble and simple to use – as demonstrated by Timo Boll. Click to watch.




AMICUS in portrait

Watch this video with Michael Maze, Werner Schlager, Richard Prause und Andrea Todorovic highlighting the unique features of the Butterfly AMICUS ROBOT series.


The advantages of all AMICUS models

  • Comfortable to carry, quick to assemble, easy to use
  • Weight only about 6 kg
  • AMICUS transport bag included
  • Up to 120 balles per minute
  • 4-level height adjustment
  • Head with 3 rollers - for variable Topspin, Backspin, Sidespin and No Spin
  • Speed, spin and placement can be regulated directly on the control panel


AMICUS BASIC ( transport bag included )

Excellent for high-intensity training of stroke technique and footwork:

  • 6 balls per exercise with different position
  • Spin, Speed and Trajectory adjustable
  • Random function – balls with a natural scattering


AMICUS ADVANCE ( transport bag included )

Ideal partner for those who want to train complex play sequences

The ADVANCE supplements the advantages of the Basic and adds the following features:

  • individually adjustable: spin + speed + trajectory + placement for each ball in an exercise
  • Complete ball sequences including service
  • Memory space for up to 22 exercises
  • AFC function - "Automatic Frequency Control" for automatic adjustment of the time intervals between balls with different speed and spin
  • "Sample" function - to play balls individually and customize their settings
  • New: “Silent stand-by” when inactive
  • New: 10 pre-saved exercises recommended by Richard Prause


AMICUS PROFESSIONAL ( transport bag included )

For the Amicus PROFESSIONAL you don´t have to be a real professional – demanding the highest standards is enough.

The PROFESSIONAL has all the features of the models Basic and Advance at the highest level and adds:

  • Up to 8 Balls per exercise
  • Memory space for 99 exercises
  • "Cluster" allows to play up to 10 saved exercises in a sequence
  • Lightweight and handy wireless remote control (on / off and speed variation)
  • IFC (individual Frequency Control) - for individual needs
  • „Cycle“ functionality creating automatic pauses during exercises
  • Mega Spin Mode - for extreme spin
  • New: 21 pre-saved exercises recommended by Richard Prause (NEW TEXT MISSING)
  • New: Mini USB slot for future software updates

The mini USB slot allows you to transfer new exercises or new software updates to the robot via USB cable (not provided). These updates will be available on our AMICUS website.


All Butterfly AMICUS models and their features (overview)

BASIC899,00 €
  • 6 balls per exercise
  • 4-level height adjustment
  • random function – balls with natural scattering
  • spin, speed and trajectory adjustable
ADVANCE 1249,00 €
  • complete ball consequences including service
  • memory space for up to 22 exercises
  • AFC function – for automatic adjustment of the time internvals between balls with different speed and spin
  • Silent mode when inactive
  • 10 pre-saved exercises
  • 8 balls per exercise
  • memory space for up to 99 exercises
  • cycle function for setting the exercise duration
  • IFC for individual adjustment of the intervals
  • "Mega-Spin" function
  • remote control (on / off and speed variation)
  • 21 pre-saved exercises
  • Mini USB slot for future software updates

Upgrade from Amicus "Basic" to "Advance" or "Professional" at any time by replacing the control panel.

Replacement / additional control panel ADVANCE: 549,00 €

Replacement / additional control panelPROFESSIONAL: 899,00 €

In case of any questions:  amicus@butterfly.tt